George Weers

Known simply as 'Coach'  by his players, George Weers leads West Central Illinois Judo and coaches at the Hollis Park location. A 7th degree black belt, George has been doing Judo for over 50 years.

Blaine Duhs

Blaine is a 4th degree black belt and helps coach at the Hollis Park location. His years of competition Judo and career in law enforcement have given Blaine unique experience using Judo both in tournaments and in everyday life. 

Joe Taylor

A 2nd degree black belt, Joe has been doing Judo since he was a kid. Joe helps coach at both the Canton and Hollis Park locations. When he is not coaching, Joe is training competitively and attending tournaments. 

Mitch Williams

Mitch is the founder and coach of the Canton location. A professional magician and Tai Chi instructor as well as being a 4th degree black belt, Mitch's approach to Judo is unique and insightful. 

Stefan Habsburg

A 3rd degree black belt, Stefan began his Judo journey in Michigan and now helps coach at our Hollis Park location. Proficient in both standing and ground techniques, Stefan has an obvious passion for the sport. 

Our Black Belts

All black belts assist in coaching our team. For a complete list of our black belts click HERE