WCI Judo is the only USA Judo certified club in the Peoria area.  Head coach George Weers has trained at the US Olympic Training Center, National Judo Institute and countless US dojos as well as training in the National Judo Centers of Thailand and Russia. George has produced multiple national and international level judo players. Along with Coach Weers, our team of coaches and black belts are passionate about sharing judo with our community. 


Judo is an Olympic sport practiced world wide. It is an unarmed combat sport which begins with two opponents standing. Techniques involve throwing the opponent to the ground, pinning them to the ground, chokeholds and armbars. There is no striking in judo. This makes it safe and easy to drill and practice the techniques in sparring and with a resistant training partner. This dynamic form of practice makes for confident and strong players. 

Judo is also a mindset. The sport's founder, Jigorno Kano, believed in two key concepts. "Maximum efficiency" and "mutual benefit and wellbeing". At WCI Judo we place more emphasis on each individual's personal judo journey than simply "winning". A respect for the sport and each other is key in stepping on the judo mat. 




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